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Consumer Protection

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  • Consumer protection laws apply to transactions by individuals for products or services.


    These organizations may provide assistance with some aspects of consumer protection. Contact these organizations directly for more information about the services provided

    Better Business Bureau of Northeast California
    400 S Street, Sacramento, CA 95811   (916) 443-6843
    Complaints between buyers and sellers can be submitted by letter or on Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaint forms.

    Consumer Information Center (Department of Consumer Affairs)
    (916) 445-1254
    Responds to inquiries on consumer protection issues, information and education on consumer problems, complaint filing assistance, referrals in non-bureau issues, licensing professions and businesses.

    Consumer World 
    Consumer World is a public service website with links to hundreds of consumer resources available on the Internet. The website contains consumer news, product reviews and shopping bargains. Directories provide contact information and web links for many corporations and government agencies.

    Public Inquiry Unit (California Office of the Attorney General)
    P.O. Box 944255, Sacramento, CA 94244  (916) 445-9555  or (800) 952-5225
    Primary public access window to the Attorney General's office. Assists in answering questions on a wide variety of issues ranging from consumer fraud to public safety. Serves as a centralized office for consumer complaints and requests for information. 

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    The Judicial Council creates most of the forms needed for a small claims or civil lawsuit. For other situations, you may need to create your own forms. Our Research Guides & Step by Steps have instructions and samples for many commonly-used forms.

    Judicial Council Forms
    These mandatory forms can be filled out online. Consumer complaints are often most appropriate for small claims court.

    Cease and Desist Letter Template­p/CeaseDesist.rtf
    Customize this template to write a cease and desist letter to stop debt collectors from contacting you.

    California Department of Consumer Affairs Complaint Forms
    Complaints for different products or services should be made to different departments. This page guides you to the correct department and links to the proper complaint form for your situation.

    United States Consumer Protection 
    Consumer Complaint Letter Wizard
    Do you have a consumer problem and want to write a complaint letter? This tool can help you write one. Follow these five steps, and you will have a letter that you can mail to a company.

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    The Law Librarians have created these research guides as an aid for those starting a legal research project. These guides recommend print and electronic resources that will help you find answers to your law-related questions. Guides marked "Step-by-Step"  provide step-by-step information, as well as sample forms, for common legal procedures.

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    The Everyday Law and Ask the County Law Librarian articles are written by Law Librarians on a variety of common legal issues.

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    The Law Librarians created these pamphlets in response to frequently asked questions on subjects not appropriate for more substantive guides.


    Self-help videos from the Law Library answer common questions and demonstrate filling out forms.

    • Cease and Desist Letter (2:33)/ Carta de Cesar y Desistir (2:52)
      In this presentation, you will learn how to use a “cease and desist letter” to prevent creditors from harassing you.
      En esta presentación, usted aprenderá a utilizar una “carta de cesar y desistir” para evitar que los acreedores lo acosen.

    Videos from other organizations:

    • Debt Collection (available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese)
      The California Courts provides these videos on debt collection.
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    Hear our very own librarians share legal tips and news you can use on general interest topics.