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Criminal Law

Understand and Defend your Criminal Case



Citebook KF 9731 .Z9 D37 (Reference)
A compilation of citations to case law that has been used to support criminal defendants' and prisoners' appeals and complaints.

The Criminal Law Handbook: Know Your Rights, Survive the System
KF 9619.6 .B47 (Self-Help)
This book answers your questions about every part of a criminal case in an easy to understand manner. It covers arrests, booking, preliminary hearings, arraignment, search and seizure, trials, sentencing, and more. 

The Criminal Records Manual: Criminal Records In America: A Complete Guide to Legal, Ethical, and Public Policy Issues and Restrictions KF 9751 H56 (Reference)
Describes the legal access, availability, and use of criminal records for all 50 states. 

How to Seal Your Juvenile & Criminal Records in CaliforniaKFC 1194 .Z9 S53
This book provides you with the legal remedies to clean up your past, including forms and instructions. 


Witkin's California Criminal LawKFC 1100 .W4 C34 (Ready Reference)
This set gives comprehensive coverage of crimes, defenses, punishment and criminal procedure. Includes an index, table of statutes, table of rules, and forms. 
Electronic Access: On the Law Library's computers, using WestlawNext.

California Jurisprudence 3d (Cal Jur) KFC 80 .C35 (Ready Reference)
Volumes 17 through 22C contain the Criminal Law chapters. Other relevant chapters in this encyclopedia are Delinquent and Dependent Children; District & Municipal Attorneys; Evidence; Habeas Corpus; Law Enforcement Officers; Pardon, Reprieve & Commutation; and Penal Institutions.
Electronic Access: On the Law Library's computers, using WestlawNext

Appeals and Writs in Criminal Cases
KFC 1174 .F58
This practice guide provides complete coverage of criminal appeals in California state courts, including right to counsel, procedural aspects, hearing and determination, and capital cases. Also includes revised instructions for drafting petitions for writs of mandate or prohibition, including sample clauses.
Electronic Access: On the Law Library's computers, using OnLaw.

California Confessions Law KFC 1167 .O54
California Confessions Law analyzes every confessions issue, citing California and federal cases, and presents topics in a logical progression so you can find answers quickly and easily.

California Criminal Defense Practice KFC 1155 .C342
This practice guide takes you step-by-step through every part of a criminal case from arrest and searches, through preliminary hearings, pretrial procedures, trial preparation, trial, sentencing and post-trial remedies. Topics covered include confession, incompetency and insanity proceedings, three strikes sentencing, appeals and habeas corpus proceedings, narcotics and alcohol offenses, sex offenses and burglary.
Electronic Access:  On the Law Library's computers, using the Matthew Bender CD.

California Criminal Discovery KFC 1160.5 .P57
A convenient one-volume publication, this practical handbook emphasizes methods by which prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys can fully comply with discovery obligations.

California Criminal Law Procedure and Practice KFC 1155 .C254
This book is a comprehensive guide to California criminal law. Coverage includes preliminary hearings and grand jury proceedings, discovery and pretrial motions, plea bargaining, jury selection, misdemeanor and felony sentencing, appeals, and more.
Electronic Access: On the Law Library's computers, using OnLaw.

Criminal Procedures Manual KFC 1155 .A16 C86
ABCs of Superior Court criminal trial procedures, published by the California Courts staff association.  

California White Collar Crime: Criminal Sanctions and Civil Remedies
KFC 1128 .P373 2010
Comprehensive treatise that covers all forms of substantive economic offenses and the procedural tools used to investigate and litigate white collar crime.

Forensic DNA Evidence: Science and the Law KFC 1165 .F67
This loose-leaf is written in clear and practical language with an emphasis on California law. It is an easy-to-use reference for topics ranging from DNA biology and testing technology to cutting edge legal issues.
Electronic Access: On the Law Library's computers, using WestlawNext.

Levenson on California Criminal Procedure KFC 1155 .L48
Laurie L. Levenson, one of California's most respected criminal attorneys, provides a detailed treatment of California criminal procedure. This portable volume covers every aspect of California criminal procedure, from arrest and arraignment through sentencing and appeal.

Scientific Evidence in California Criminal Cases KFC 1169 .3 .S35
This practice guide gives the solid background to successfully qualify, prepare, and challenge expert witnesses. Written specifically for use in the California courtroom, it thoroughly details both established practices and novel techniques.
Electronic Access: On the Law Library's computers, using OnLaw.

Sex Crimes: California Law and Procedure KFC 1122 .C67
This practice guide focuses on the procedural aspects of sex crime cases and includes a detailed review of all applicable case law and statutes, as well as forms and "best practice" tips.



California Drunk Driving Defense
KFC 477 .T39
This book includes step-by-step instructions through procedure and approach in defense of a drunk driving case in California and outlines what to anticipate and how to prepare for DUI/DWI pretrial and trial proceedings.

California Drunk Driving Law KFC 477 .D35
This comprehensive set is full of creative defenses, heavily supported motions, solutions, and authoritative interpretation of the law. 

California DUI Trial Notebook KFC 477 .B47
This trial guide details California law and strategy and is designed to be used directly in the courtroom. Includes practical coverage of pretrial motions including Motions for Pretrial Discovery, Motions to Suppress Evidence, and more.

Defending Your Client in a Misdemeanor Case (Including a DUI): Here's How and When To Do It KFC 1155 .D44
This action guide discusses discovery, pleading, sentencing, and judicial perspective in a misdemeanor case including a DUI. It specifically covers assisting with client's release, arraignment, special proceedings, investigating a case, and more.
Electronic Access: On the Law Library's computers, using OnLaw

West's California Criminal and Motor Vehicle Law  KFC 1100 .A29 .C35
This book includes a comprehensive collection of California constitutional and statutory code provisions including the complete text of the California Penal Code as well as other code provisions that deal with criminal offenses, motor vehicles, and the powers and duties of law enforcement agencies and officers.


California State Prisoners Handbook: A Comprehensive Practice Guide to California Prison & Parole Law KFC 1181 .5  .M33
This handbook discusses the laws governing prisoner rights and the policies of the California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation, includes sample forms and pleadings.

Jailhouse Lawyers Manual KFC 1181 .5  J35
This manual contains chapters on legal rights and procedures including the appellate process, federal habeas corpus relief, the Prison Litigation Reform Act, religious freedom in prison, the rights of prisoners with disabilities, and more.

Manual on Divorce Issues for People in California Prisons and Jails
KFC 1181.5 .M36 (Self-Help)
This manual was created for California prisoners and is intended to provide basic information about California's divorce laws, and basic instructions on how to obtain a divorce without an attorney.
Electronic Access:

Prisoner's Rights Union Self Help Materials KFC 1181 .5 .P7
Self-help materials distributed by the Prisoners' Rights Union, challenging pre-trial, post-conviction, and jail-prison conditions.


California Judges Benchbook: Search And Seizure
KFC 1157 .C35
This benchbook is a comprehensive guide to search and seizure law, including discussion of the exclusionary rule, search warrants, temporary detentions, and more.

California Looseleaf Search and Seizure Handbook, with Related Matters KFC 1157 .C37
A loose-leaf digest of appellate and supreme court case law.

California Search and Seizure KFC 1157 .C375
This title covers all aspects of searches and seizures in California. All leading federal and state court cases are discussed.

Search and Seizure: A Treatise on the Fourth Amendment KF 9630 .L26
This book applies the Fourth Amendment in diverse factual situations for developing more effective arguments of search and seizure issues in the plea bargaining, trial, and appeal phases of a criminal case.


California Criminal Sentencing Enhancements
KFC 1172 .C35
This book discusses many criminal sentencing enhancements, along with rules of application, pleading and proof, and imposition.
Electronic Access: On the Law Library's computers, using OnLaw.

CJER Felony Sentencing Handbook
KFC 1172 Z99 .C54
Contains timely information on legislation affecting felony sentencing guidelines and offers a quick-reference tool for judges and attorneys dealing with criminal cases.
Electronic Access: On the Law Library's computers, using OnLaw.

Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedule - Sacramento Super Court
Electronic access:

Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedules KFC 1155 .Z9 .C34 (Reference)
Includes bail and penalty schedules for traffic, boating, forestry, fish and game, public utilities, parks and recreation, and business licensing cases.
Electronic access:


California Three Strikes Sentencing KFC 1172 .C68
Rutter Group publishes this narrative that explains which crimes qualify as strikes, how they are proved, how they may be stricken, and how strike sentences are calculated.
Electronic Access: On the Law Library's computers, using WestlawNext.

3 Strikes Manual KFC 1172 .M46
This manual contains analysis along with tips on how to distinguish cases that seem opposed or contradictory.


California Criminal Law Forms Manual KFC 1155 .A68 C34
This set includes both defense and prosecution motions, responses, points and authorities, model declarations, and Judicial Council forms.
Electronic Access: On the Law Library's computers, using OnLaw.

California Criminal Motions KFC 1155 .A15 .C34
A review of all the motions that are filed in California criminal cases. Created to be a tool for both defense attorneys and prosecutors, with over 130 sample motions.

California Criminal Practice, Motions, Jury Instructions and SentencingKFC 1155 .A65 R8
This set includes everything commonly used in the daily practice of criminal law, including sample forms and motions, commentary, and references to cases and governing statutes. 


California's Penal Code contains most of the laws involving criminal actions. The current un-annotated (just the statutes without editorial analysis by the publishers)Penal Code is online at Mark the box next to "Penal Code" and click on "Search" for a hyper-linked table of contents.  Alternatively, use the print annotated code volumes on the shelf at the Law Library.

CA Code of Regulations: Title 15, Crime Prevention and Corrections
KFC 35 .A23 (Ready Reference)
Administrative rules of the Board of Prison Terms, Department of Corrections and the California Youth Authority.
Electronic Access:

Deering's California Code Annotated KFC 30 .5 .D4 P76 (Compact)
The text of the law with the addition of explanatory notes, including references to materials for further research,  including cases. Often will have forms included within the text.

Penal Code of CaliforniaKFC 30.5 .D4 P45 (Reference)
Referred to as a "desktop code," this single volume contains the complete Penal Code.

West's California Code AnnotatedKFC 30 .W48 .P45
The text of the law with the addition of explanatory notes, including references to materials for further research and "Notes of Decisions" that refer to court opinions
Electronic Access:  On the Law Library's computers, using WestlawNext.


California Courts Self Help Center
The California Courts website contains general information about criminal law, including links to forms and information on clearing up a criminal record.

Department of Corrections—State of California
This website contains information about the California Department of Corrections, including facilities, rehabilitation, and parole.
Electronic Access: Department Operations Manual
The Criminal Law Center provides information and help if you are faced with a legal need related to the criminal justice system, including definitions for common crimes, stages in a typical criminal case, tips on your constitutional rights, and more.

Prison Law Office 
Free services to prisoners challenging prison conditions. The site includes many handbooks and manuals for prisoners.

California Department of Justice – Victims Services Unit
P.O. Box 944255 Sacramento, Phone Toll-free: (877) 433-9069
Houses the Attorney General's Office of Victims Services, which provides victims of crime and their families with information regarding criminal appeals and assists victims with parole and clemency hearings.

Sacramento County Probation Department
3201 Florin-Perkins Road (916) 875-0300
Services juvenile and adult probationers in Sacramento County. Prepares pre-sentence reports, and makes recommendations regarding sentencing in the criminal court and disposition recommendations in juvenile court.

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