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Debtor's Examination

Discover the Judgment Debtor's Assets

A Debtor' Examination, also known as an Order of Examination, is often a preliminary step before initiating collection efforts. This examination is a formal court proceeding in which the judgment creditor may question the debtor to obtain information about the location and value of the judgment debtor's assets, including paychecks and other sources of income, bank accounts, stocks and other investments, and personal and real property. This procedure may also be used to question a third party who may be in possession of the judgment debtor's assets, or owe debts to the judgment debtor.


The Judicial Council form commonly used in this procedure is:

 Click here to download this Guide, with step-by-step instructions, including sample forms.

Created 1/13 mpj;
reviewed en 11/13;
updated 1/14 mpj