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Completing and Recording Deeds

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Adding or Changing Names on Property

Any time you make a change to the ownership of real estate, you must record a deed with the County Recorder. This Step-by-Step guide outlines the requirements and provides a sample Grant Deed with instructions.

The two main types of ownership deeds in California are the "grant deed" and the "quitclaim deed." The grant deed is used when a person who is on the current deed transfers ownership or adds a new owner. The quitclaim deed is used when someone (who may or may not be on the deed) gives up any interest in favor of another person. A quitclaim deed is commonly used in divorces, when one spouse gives up any potential accrued community property interest in real estate.


Deeds must be in a format that the Sacramento County Recorders Office will accept. Customizable templates may be downloaded from these links:

Click below to download a step-by-step guide with sample forms and instructions:

 Completing and Recording Deeds, Step by Step 

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