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Frequently Asked Questions

Login Questions

I am getting an error when trying to login. What might be causing this?

If you are having difficulty logging into our website, you may need to adjust some of your browser settings. In order for our website to run smoothly there are three things you need to do. First, you must configure your browser and/or firewall to accept cookies. Second, JavaScript will need to be enabled. Third, you will want to make sure that all pages come from our servers and not your computer's cache. Similarly, if you or your company are using a proxy server on your network make sure that pages from our site are not cached. Our website is designed using .NET technology and these types of files should never be cached. For further details please refer to this page.

Do I need to have cookies enabled?


Class Questions

How do I register for a class?

Visit this page for more information.

The class is full. How do I get on the waiting list?

Please email our training coordinator to be placed on the waiting list.

Video Questions

How do I access a video?

To access a video you must have an online user account. To create an online user account, locate the Sign In box to the left of the Video Catalog and click “Create New Account!” Complete the form; include an active email address and password. Once you have signed in go to the Video Catalog, select a video and follow the license/buy instructions.

How do I ensure my computer is compatible to view a video?

Go to the Video Operating Requirements link located at the top of the Video Catalog, and read the operating requirements.

If your computer is compatible with our video delivery system, you are ready to purchase and view a video.

How do I purchase a video?

From the Video Catalog select a video. Next, in the Video Details read the video description and license/buy option. Once you click Buy you will login using your online email address and password account information and proceed with the purchase of a video download. If you do not have an account, create on!

After you have created an account, click the Law Library’s logo at the top of the page to return to the Video Catalog link and proceed with your video selection and purchase.

Our MCLE “Participatory” Videos are available for $20.00 each. You can purchase a video download using Visa® or MasterCard® credit card.

After selecting and purchasing a video how do I download it onto my computer?

Read the instruction at the top of View MY Videos.

• Step One: Go to the Download Video link and right click then select Save As or Save Target As to your Desktop. After the video file is downloaded choose the Close tab in the popup screen, not Open or Save.

What about supplemental materials?

• Step Two: locate any supplementary materials associated with the video and right click on Download Materials then select Save As or Save Target As to your Desktop. After the supplemental materials are downloaded choose the Close tab in the popup screen, not Open or Save.

Important: You must follow the steps in View MY Videos using the right mouse click when downloading the video and any supplemental materials.

My download is taking a long time. What should I do?

Downloading a video file depends upon your internet connection speed. In order to activate the viewing capability of our video files, between 400MB and 600MB, it may take up to 60 minutes to download a video. Await the process to view your video download.

What video player should I use to view my purchased video?

Most of the videos can be viewed with any media player (e.g Windows Media Player). However, some videos will require Apple® Quicktime to view. If Apple® Quicktime is required, it will be noted in the "Video Description" when purchasing a video. A link is provided to download and install a free version of Apple® Quicktime.

I viewed the MCLE video once, but now I cannot find it on my computer. What am I doing wrong?

Go to our website and select the Contact Us link at the top of the Home Page to send us a message. Complete the contact form regarding your video by using the field “Other.” Please specify your issue in the comments field provided. Someone from our IT Department will contact you to help resolve the problem.

How many times can I view a video? Does it expire?
You can access your downloaded MCLE video as many times as you would like, as long as it is saved on your computer. The video does not expire, however, eventually it will become outdated. We recommend you check out our Online Video Catalog regularly as we remove outdated video resources and post new video content regularly.