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Government and Police Claims

Bringing an action against a public agency or its employee presents special procedural requirements. Before a lawsuit or complaint can be filed with the court, the injured party must first file a claim with the government agency. If the claim is rejected, you can then pursue the matter in court.  In order to help people comply with this section, "fill in the blank" claim forms are provided by many government agencies. Here are links to some commonly requested claim forms:

State and Local Government Agency Claims and Complaint Forms

State of California Commission on Judicial Performance
Judicial Complaint form

State of California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board 
Claim Form
Includes information on timing, process, and frequently asked questions about filing claims against the State of California, as well as a link to the form. 
Fee waiver form:
Special form for erroneous convictions: Erroneous Conviction Claim Form (PC4900)

Sacramento County  
Includes instructions and information on time limits and filing late claims.

City of Sacramento
Includes information on the process and a link to the form.

Child Protective Services/Department of Health &Human Services, Sacramento County
The Ombudsman assists people in getting assistance and resolution from the department. It conducts independent reviews of complaints concerning policies or practices, and makes referrals and recommendations when appropriate. Includes link to the formal complaint form.

Children's Services Operation Bureau, Children & Family Services Division, California Department of Social Services
If the you are unsatisfied with the results of a formal complaint to the Ombudsman, contact the CSOB. 

Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency
Includes mailing address and link to claim form.

Sacramento Municipal Utilities District
Includes instructions.

Regional Transit, Sacramento
Claim form: call Risk Management at 556-0281 and request a Claim Report Form to report incidents of personal injury, a legal issue or compensation.
Customer Advocacy:  557-4545 or TDD/Hearing Impaired 557-4686

Sacramento Law Enforcement Complaint Forms and Contact Information

Sacramento Sheriff's Department of Internal Affairs Bureau
520 9th St. Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 874-5098

Services provided:  The Sheriff's Department Internal Affairs Bureau is designated to receive citizen complaints. You may initiate a complaint either in person, by phone or in writing. The Bureau's primary responsibility is to investigate all complaints of misconduct made against Sheriff's Department employees. 

Sacramento County Probation Department
Assistant Chief Deputy, Internal Affairs
9750 Business Park Drive, Suite 220
Sacramento, CA 95827
(916) 876-8836

Services provided: Your complaint will be reviewed by the Administrative Services, Assistant Division Chief and assigned to an investigator. You will receive a notification from the Department, which informs you of the case number, the name of the officer assigned to investigate your complaint, and his/her contact information. In most cases, the assigned investigator will need to interview you regarding your complaint. Once the investigation has been completed, you will be notified regarding the outcome of the case.

Sacramento Police Department and Sacramento Fire Department
Office of Public Safety Accountability
915 I Street, Fifth Floor
Sacramento, California 95814
(916) 808-5704

Services provided: Receives complaints from the public against any employee of the Sacramento Police Department (SPD) or Sacramento Fire Department (SFD). Complaints may be filed on the Internet, in person, by mail, or over the phone. Complaints are reviewed by the Director, and then forwarded to the Internal Affairs Division (IA) of the SPD or SFD. The OPSA monitors and reviews the investigation and disposition of the complaint.

For more information, read "Office of Public Safety Accountability
Complaint Process" at  

Other Law Enforcement Agencies Complaint Forms and Contact Information

California Highway Patrol
Complaint form:

Citrus Heights Police Department

El Dorado Sheriff

Elk Grove Police Department

Placerville Police Department
Informal complaints:
If you have a formal complaint, visit the Police Station at 730 Main Street during normal business hours and fill out a Citizens Personnel Complaint Form

Roseville Police
To make a complaint about a police officer, call the Roseville Police Department at 774-5000 extension 1, and ask to speak to the watch commander.
Phone: (916)774-5000 ext. 1

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