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Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment

After Your Judgment is Paid

Once a judgment is paid, either in full or in an amount the judgment creditor agrees to accept as full payment, the judgment creditor must immediately file an Acknowledgement of Satisfaction of Judgment (EJ-100) with the court (California Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) § 724.030). This form serves as a receipt for full payment of the judgment, and formally closes the case with the court.    

If the judgment creditor does not immediately file Acknowledgement of Satisfaction of Judgment (EJ-100) when the judgment is satisfied, the judgment debtor may make a formal written demand for the creditor to do so. The judgment creditor has 15 days after receiving the debtor's request provide the acknowledgement. If this is not done within 15 days, the judgment debtor may sue the judgment creditor for any damages caused by the failure to acknowledge payment, such as failure to obtain a loan or employment as the result of an inaccurate credit report; any attorney's fees related to the suit to acknowledge payment; plus a statutory award of $100 (CCP § 724.050).

If a judgment was satisfied by Writ of Execution (e.g., a wage garnishment), the court clerk will enter a satisfaction of judgment when the levying officer returns the Writ as satisfied for the full amount of the judgment (CCP § 724.030). In this situation, you do not need to file anything unless you have also recorded an abstract of judgment to place a lien on the judgment debtor's property. If you recorded an abstract of judgment, you will still need to file an Acknowledgement of Satisfaction of Judgment (EJ-100).

If you have a wage garnishment in place, but the judgment is satisfied before the earnings withholding order is set to end (e.g., if you obtain payments from other sources such as a bank levy or directly from the judgment debtor), you are required to notify the levying officer immediately, so that the garnishment can be terminated (CCP § 706.027). You must also file an Acknowledgement of Satisfaction of Judgment (EJ-100) with the court.


The Judicial Council form commonly used in this procedure is:

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 Acknowledgement of Satisfaction of Judgment Step by Step

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