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Self-Help Videos and Audios


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Changing Your Name

Name Change Workshop (27:44)
Explains how to complete the legal forms to change your name, and what steps to take after you file. (Click here for written instructions and samples)

Civil Cases

How to Serve Court Papers by Mail (7:32)
Explains how to serve documents by mail and provides instructions for completing the Proof of Service by Mail form. (Click here for written instructions and samples.)

Personal Service of Court Papers (11:45)
Explains the requirements for proper personal service of court papers. Includes animated demonstrations of proper personal service.

Completing Your Case Management Statement(Unlimited Civil Cases only) (48:54)
Explains how to fill out the Case Management Statement (CM-110) required periodically in unlimited civil cases in Sacramento. Provides background on the Case Management Program and explains how to fill out the forms. Note: a new page has been added to the forms, which is not yet covered in the video. The Law Library's Step-by-Step Guide to filling out your Case Management Statement includes the latest information.

If You Understand Football / Si Entiende el Fútbol

In EnglishIf You Understand Football, You Can Make Sense of Court Cases (2:33) 
This presentation explains the different stages of a civil lawsuit by comparing them to the progress of a football game.
En españolSi Ud. Entiende el Fútbol, Ud. Puede Desifrar los Casos de la Corte Civil  (2:52)
Esta presentación explica las diferentes etapas de un caso civil mediante la comparación de que el progreso de un partido de fútbol.   

See You in Court! How to Start a Civil Lawsuit in Sacramento (1:37:39) (Video is compressed (.zip) for download.  Please be patient while the file is downloaded as it may take several minutes.)

Describes the steps of writing, filing and serving a civil complaint in Sacramento County.

Court System: Who Are the Players? What Do They Do? (1:07:25) (Video is compressed (.zip) for download.  Please be patient while the file is downloaded as it may take several minutes.)

Judge Jaime R. Roman, Court Clerk Julie Jackson, Court Attendee Michelle Jeremiah, and Court Recorder Jean Smart, all of Sacramento County Superior Court, discuss the roles of various court personnel.

Small Claims Court Process (1:36:38) (Video is compressed (.zip) for download.  Please be patient while the file is downloaded as it may take several minutes.)

This SCPLL video discusses jurisdictional issues; improper or no proof of service; subpoena of bank or personal records v.s. privacy rights; countersuits; getting a judgment; appealing a judgment; collecting on a judgment; exemption claims; release of satisfaction on a judgment, and more.

Consumer Protection

Cease and Desist Letter / Carta de Cesar y Desistir

In English (3:18) 
In this presentation, you will learn how to use a “cease and desist letter” to prevent creditors from harassing you.
En español  (2:52)
En esta presentación, usted aprenderá a utilizar una “carta de cesar y desistir” para evitar que los acreedores lo acosen. 


Introduction to Discovery  (Videos are in MP4 format and compressed (.zip) for download.  Windows Media Player 12 or Apple Quicktime may be required to view videos.)

This series of videos will help you understand what discovery is, how to answer questions you received by mail, and how you can use discovery yourself.  Download the sample discovery packet  prior to watching this video. The instructor refers to documents in the packet throughout the video, and it will be difficult to follow without the packet.

 Click here to download the sample discovery packet. 

Part 1: Introduction (13:16)

Part 2: Propounding Requests for Admissions (12:06)

Part 3: Responding to Requests for Admissions (6:46)

Part 4: Propounding Form Interrogatories (23:49)

Part 5: Responding to Form Interrogatories (7:42)

Part 6: Propounding Special Interrogatories (7:50)

Part 7: Responding to Special Interrogatories (1:38)

Part 8: Propounding Requests for Production (11:10)

Part 9: Responding to Requests for Production (6:08)

Part 10: General Tips (7:15)

Part 11: Discovery Problems and Conclusion (14:56)

Enforcement of Judgments

Enforcement of Judgments (Videos are in MP4 format and compressed (.zip) for download.  Windows Media Player 12 or Apple Quicktime may be required to view videos.)

Part 1:  Introduction (7:12)

Part 2:  Determine Amount Owed (12:37)

Part 3:  Finding Assets (13:29)

Part 4a: Choose Your Weapons(s) (20:36)

Part 4b: Handling Claims of Exemption (18:17)

This twice sold-out class, videotaped the third time, covers the most successful methods of collection, including obtaining an earnings withholding order and bank levy.  Applications and Orders for Appearance and Examination, used to examine the judgment debtor in court to identify assets; and Abstracts of Judgment, used to place a lien against the judgment debtor’s real property; are also covered, as is how to calculate interest on judgments, renew a judgment, and file an Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment.

Expunging Criminal Record

Expunging Your Criminal Conviction (54:34) (Video is compressed (.zip) for download.  Please be patient while the file is downloaded as it may take several minutes.)

Explains how to ask the court to dismiss your convictions and expunge your record in Sacramento. You will learn how to obtain and read your criminal record, and how to complete the necessary forms. (Click here for written instructions and samples.)

Becoming a Conservator

With Heart: Understanding Conservatorship (23:58) (Alameda County)
Satisfies Sacramento County's requirement that prospective conservators view an approved videotaped presentation on the duties and responsibilities of conservators. (Local Rule 4.40).

Sacramento County local form:
Verification that Video Tape of Conservator's Duties has been Viewed (PR-E-LP-020)


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