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Family Law: Service by Publication or Posting


Service by Publication or Posting

Service by publication or posting are alternate methods of service permitted by the court when the other party's whereabouts are unknown. Service by posting is only available to parties meeting the low income guideline used for fee waivers. Service by publication is the alternative for those with income above that level. The court can only approve a request for an Order for Publication or Posting if you show that the other party cannot be served in any other manner. You will need to prove to the court that you have made exhaustive attempts to locate the other party.


The information included in this guide applies only to Family Law cases. See the "Publication of Summons" guide on our website at for more information on service by publication in general civil lawsuits.


The Judicial Council forms commonly used in this procedure are: 

Click below to download a step-by-step guide with sample forms and instructions:

 Family Law: Service by Publication or Posting, Step by Step

created mpj 10/2013