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Verdicts & Settlements

How Much Is Your Case Worth?

Reports of jury verdicts and settlements can be of great value to those attempting to evaluate cases. Keep in mind that publishers of these resources rely on attorneys to submit information on the outcomes of their cases; there is no comprehensive resource. This guide describes how library resources can be used to locate award and settlement amounts.


O'Brien's Evaluator KFC 57 .E93 (Compact)
Reports awards and settlements from Southern California. Published annually. Start with the Factual and Injuries indexes located under the Contents tab. These indexes will direct you to lists of case reports involving the type of case or injury of interest and the pages upon which they can be found.

Personal Injury Valuation Handbooks KFC 310 .J87
In addition to providing a system for determining an injury's value and analysis of trends in jury verdicts awards, this set reports verdict awards for personal injury cases from around the country. Use the index in Volume 1 to determine where cases involving the injury type of interest are found.  

Trials Digest KFC 57 .A7 5T7 (Compact)
Reports awards and settlements from California cases. Use the indexes to locate reports by type of case or type of injury. Check the annual indexes as well as the index in each issue more recent than the last annual index.
Electronic Access:  On the Law Library computers, using WestlawNext.

VerdictSearch  KFC 57 .J88 (Compact)
Formerly Jury Verdicts Weekly, reports awards and settlements from California cases. Published weekly except for the first weeks of July and September and the last weeks of November and December. Check the semiannual indexes as well as the index in each issue more recent than the last semiannual index.  

Look for Verdicts and Decisions. This website allows keyword or subject searching.

VerdictSearch gives users access to their database of over 150,000 detailed case reports from around the nation. Perform a text search or use 15 separate search criteria, including injury, case type, name, jurisdiction, and expert. By subscription only.

Zimmerman's Research Guide "Verdicts and Settlements"
Zimmerman's is an online encyclopedia for legal researchers.

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