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Title: Ethical & Practical Issues in Mediating with the Emotionally Disturbed
Categories: Legal Ethics
Instructors: Steven A. Block
Credit Hours: 2
Video Description:

2-hours MCLE credit (1 "Legal Ethics" credit). 

Viewing Time: 120 minutes.

Description: In a complex case, lawyers and mediators often deal with highly charged litigants who may appear emotionally disturbed but are actually high-functioning personalities who under the care of a mental health professional can perform activities of daily living.

In this videotaped  presentation, Steven Block  explores the archetypes in a proceeding, the ethical and practical challenges in mediating a case with an emotionally disturbed litigant, and how to extract an agreement without overreaching, undue-influence, and the potential failure to discharge the duty of informed consent.

This online course meets the criteria for participatory credit as verified by the Sacramento County Public Law Library, an approved State Bar of California MCLE provider. State Bar of California MCLE Rules & Requirements (2.72)

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