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Title: CAL OSHA LAW- the Devil is in the Details
Categories: OSHA
Instructors: Lisa Prince, Fred Walter
Credit Hours: 2
Video Description:

2-hours MCLE credit

Viewing Time: 120 minutes.

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This two-hour MCLE event covered the structure of Cal/OSHA; OSHSB, DOSH, and OSHAB procedural rules; Federal and California jurisdictions: which can cause potential overlaps and conflicts; substantive law, the Federal Act, 29 CFR; the California Labor Code and Title 8 CCR matters; sources for research; "noteworthy legislation," and more. Fred Walter and Lisa Prince, Partners, in the law firm of Walter & Prince, LLP  co-authored CEB's Advising California Employers and Employees Practice Guide, "Chapter 12: Workplace Safety."

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